EDUCA : The Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development

The teaching profession, which has a direct impact on children’s achievements, is the key to quality education. Recognizing the significance of education and teacher professional development, Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited has established EDUCA or the Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development to be a platform for continuous learning and developing. This is also the first time in Thailand where an event in education has been held under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) idea.


Since 2007, EDUCA has been held annually for educational policy makers, educational institution administrators, teachers and educational personnel to exchange ideas, materials, equipments, technology and innovation regarding education. About 10,000 teachers attended the event on the first year and, in 2015, the number of participants exceeded 50,000. Currently, with cooperation from all educational units, relatively 200,000 teachers have registered in EDUCA network, making it a progressive assembly indeed.

The Journey of EDUCA for Thai Education and Teacher Professional Development


Year Theme
2007 Satit Academy: Defining our Education, Refine our Future
2009 Quality Teacher Quality Education
2010 Teacher Development: The New Direction for Education Success
2011 Reform, Reform, Reform
2012 Teacher as Learners
2013 Strong Performers and Successful Reformers
2014 ASSESSMENT for LEARNING: Wrong Questions Never Yield Right Answers
2016 School as Learning Community (SLC)
2017 Education 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 From Policy to Classroom
2018 Values of Teachers