1) To create a platform where Thai teachers can meet and share their experiences, regarding teacher professional development, education, technology and innovation

2) To strengthen a continuous teacher professional development for inclusive and equitable quality education

3) To learn and update the new global education movement, new knowledge, innovation, and modern technology from local and international experts, especially from world-renowned education specialists

4) To encourage the cooperation and participation in the education movement among public, private, education industry, and other sector


1) Government and Policy maker
– Policy maker in education
– Senior executive and government official from the Ministry of Education
– Education commission and sub-district administrative organization

2) Faculty of Education
– Administrator
– Instructor and researcher
– Student
– Educational staff and officer

3) School Management/Administration
– Owner, executive, and principal
– Head-teacher and head of school department
– Head of procurement department

4) Teacher and Educational Staff
– In-service teacher and pre-service teacher (K-12 and higher education)
– Teacher assistant, AV and ICT Staff
– Instructional designer
– Researcher and consultant

5) Parent and General Public