Sumar Hendayana

Speaker Profile


Name: Sumar Hendayana

Position: Professor of Indonesian University of Education

Country: Indonesia


Sumar Hendayana has been actively leading Lesson Study activities in various schools and universities in Indonesia since 2006. He provided technical assistant of lesson study activities to primary and secondary schools in collaboration with West Java and Jambi Provincial Offices of Education. He has been lesson study committee of Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education for dissemination of lesson study to Syiah Kuala University and Almuslim University in Aceh Province, Sriwijaya University in South Sumatra province, Bengkulu Muhammadyah University in Bengkulu Province, Lampung and Metro Lampung Muhammadyah University in Lampung Province, Pakuan University in Bogor West Java Province, University of Muria Kudus, and University Muhammadiyah Mataram . Currently, he supervises learning community activities in Sumedang Regency, Japan International Cooperation Agency (Bandung city, and Bogor regency).
He collaborated with JICA in lesson study training for Asian and Ethiopian fellows. He is also executive committee member of World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS) and member of Africa-Asia Dialogue Network in Education Development. He chaired 2014 WALS conference in Bandung, Indonesia. In 2015, he received JICA Award. Currently, he is President of Indonesia Association of Lesson Study.