Takashi Nagashima

Speaker Profile


Name: Takashi Nagashima

Position: Senior Fellow, Azabu Institute of Education (AIE), Tokyo, Specially Appointed Supervisor, Sukagawa City Board of Education, Fukushima,

Country: Japan


Nagashima visits not less than a hundred schools in Japan every year to support their school reform, mainly public middle schools, in 22 prefectures of Japan. His research focuses on the following issues: how teachers develop their professional expertise not only in unordinary training days but also daily teacher’s life, what sustains their professional development, and how to realize the classroom in which every student does high-quality and authentic learning. He wrote articles "How to design a Jumping Task (in Japanese)", "Status, Content, and Evaluation of Lesson Study in Japan on teacher professional development (in English), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education” etc..