How to register to EDUCA?

How to register to EDUCA?

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Log in to your EDUCA Account

Access to www.educathai.com and choose “Log in” for EDUCA Member, if you are not a member yet, you can choose “Register”.

For existing EDUCA member, you can use the registered Username (E-mail/Member ID) and Password to access to the registration system. For the new member, please fill-in all of the requested information to proceed further.

EDUCA Member Profile

Please recheck all your personal information, if you wish to edit or make change to your profile, please click “แก้ไขข้อมูลสมาชิก/Edit Info” at the end of the Member Profile page. Once complete, please click "บันทึก" at the end of the page to proceed.

In case you do not need to edit any information, please click "คำแนะนำในการลงทะเบียน Registration Information" at the top to proceed.

Select your preferred package

Read all the information on How to Register and all the benefits and entitlement of each package carefully for your own benefits and click “ยืนยัน | Confirm” to proceed.

Choose your preferred Package based on your interest and convenience to participate in EDUCA 2019 and click “ยืนยัน | Confirm”.

For registrants who want to register with Workshop Day Pass, you will be requested to select the preferred date to participate in EDUCA 2019 with this package.

Reserve your seat in workshop and/or seminar based on your selected package(s)

Check your registration fee and the available workshop sessions according to your selected Package. If you want to make some changes to the chosen package, you can click “เปลี่ยน Package | Change Package” to restart the whole registration process.

Choose workshop session based on your interest and the available number of sessions as well as add lunch to your registration package in case you did not chose the package that has already included lunch. Once you have already finished choosing, you can press “ยืนยัน | Confirm”.

onfirm your registration and apply for your promotion (if any)

Recheck your registration detail and click “ยืนยันการลงทะเบียน/submit” or “แก้ไขการลงทะเบียน/Back to should you wish to edit or change your registration information to go back and choose your package and workshop session all over again.

In case you have any promotion code, or wish to use student promotion, you can input your code or upload your proof of student status after clicking “ยืนยันการลงทะเบียน/submit”. For student promotion, you will have to wait for an approval from EDUCA which will be sent to you via email before retrieving an invoice to make payment.

Verify your e-mail 

Recheck your registration detail. Before proceeding to the next step, you will b asked to confirm your email by clicking “ยืนยันอีเมล | Confirm Your Email”, please input your preferred email to update your membership information. Please recheck your email carefully as you will be receiving information on EDUCA through this Email. Then, you will able to click “ใบแจ้งชำระเงิน | Invoice” to proceed to the next step.

If you would like to edit or change your registration again, you can just click “แก้ไขข้อมูลการสำรองที่นั่ง | Change your booking” to change your workshop session.

Download or print out the invoice to process payment within the deadline stated in the invoice. If you cannot manage to pay within the deadline, the system will reset your registration packages and the sessions selected will be withdrawn.

Make your payment get confirmation letter

After you have successfully processed your payment, you will receive a confirmation email (within 3 working days after the payment is made) for your registration fee receipt. You can log in to the system again to download or print the receipt and the confirmation letter for checking in to the seminar room on-site by clicking “Payment”. You can also check and edit the information on the receipt as well as recheck your registration package and the selected workshop sessions by clicking “แก้ไขข้อมูลใบเสร็จ | Edit your receipt information” and “แก้ไขข้อมูลการสำรองที่นั่ง | Edit your booking”, respectively.

If you have already processed your payment, you are still able to change your workshop session provided that they are on the same date as your previous choice and included in the registered package. However, you will not be able to change your registration package anymore.


Please consider about the environmental impact before printing this document since you can download this registration confirmation document onto your device without printing it to use the QR Code to check-in to the seminar room of EDUCA 2019 on-site.

You have to complete your registration process before the deadline of 5 October 2019 by selecting all of the available workshop sessions as per your registered packages before the deadline through the online registration system for your own benefits.