Online Registration EDUCA 2019

Online Registration EDUCA 2019

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Online Registration

1. Contact “Onsite Registration” counter to log in to your EDUCA Member account and choose your desired session before proceeding to “Cashier” counter.
If you are not an EDUCA member, please contact the registration staff at “New Member Registration” counter to register as an EDUCA Member and register to EDUCA 2019 by inputting all the requested information on the screen.
2. Choose your desired session on the screen before proceeding to “Cashier” counter.
3. Contact “Cashier” counter to process your registration fee payment as per your on-site registration card by presenting the card to the staff at the counter and stating your EDUCA Member ID (Please prepare exact amount for the registration fee).
     • International Conference: 1,500 Baht inclusive of lunch on 17 October 2018
     • Workshop: 100 Baht per session (1 hour 30 minutes) For any 3-hour workshop, you will have to pay the registration fee of 200 Baht in order to attend.
     • Additional Lunch: 200 Baht per day
4. Present your receipt for registration fee payment at “QR Code Print” counter to get your QR Code for checking in to the registered workshop/conference by stating your EDUCA Member ID.
5. Present your QR Code to check-in to the meeting room.
6. Should you need to collect your receipt, you can go to “Receipt Collection” counter and state your EDUCA Member ID to the staff to retrieve your receipt.

Remarks: the information displayed on the receipt is based on your membership information, if you wish to change the information, please inform the staff at “Receipt Collection” counter to do so.

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