Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited has foreseen the importance of private sector's involvement in developing Thai education. The combination of business expertise from the private sectors and policy making and administration of the public sectors is an essential element for such development. Therefore, we have organized EDUCA as a modern educational innovation and product showcase event for the first time.
With the Public-Private Partnership as the starting point, EDUCA 2007 which was organised alongside with the 2ns Satit Academic Forum, is the first milestone of such collaboration; between Pico (Thailand) Public Company Limited and 16 demonstration schools in particular. The Event has introduced and spread educational knowledge including new and important educational concept. It has also showed the advancement of Thai education. More importantly, EDUCA 2007 has raised an awareness of people in the educational field on the importance of education and that of raising it to the world-class standard. It has also rendered a good attitude among educational professionals which would be a key factor in driving Thailand's education forward.
EDUCA 2007 intended to promote Thai educational development based on a strong belief that “the future of Thai education depends on how we understand our system.” It aimed to exhibit ideas, innovations, and other creative educational products, and to be a central platform for sharing and exchanging the latest information and opinions on education from every academic sector and community. The Event covered three major aspects that are believed to improve Thai education as follows.
1. Policies and Strategies
2. Staff and Processes
3. Tools, Place, and Technology
The Event featured:
Demonstration Showcases present new teaching methods, perspectives of educational technology and the new ways to learn in the future, broadened knowledge and understanding through interactive systems and exhibitions. The Exhibitions covered six interesting aspects which are the turning point of education, learning space, science in school, thinking Room, activity ground, and alternative education.
Educational Conferences and Workshops propose novel educational issues from various perspectives both inside and outside of the classroom. We were honoured to have these honourable to be our speakers:
- Prof. Yongyuth Yuthawong, Ph.D. in “Human Capital Development in Science and Technology within School”
- Varakorn Samakoses, Ph.D. in “Demonstration Schools and Thai Education’s Dynamic” etc.
The 2nd Satit Academic Forum is organized by the collaboration between Pico and a group of 16 demonstration schools in Thailand. The 2 Events featured demonstrative exhibitions, academic research presentations, and seminars by these schools;
The educational products exhibitions from business sector such as goods, tools, and services that can facilitate various styles of learning.