EDUCA 2010 underlined the importance of professional development which was a new direction of educational success. This year, EDUCA was supported and endorsed as the official event of Teacher TV project. It was hosted by Faculty of Education, Burapha University, Ministry of Education, Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC), Thailand Education Deans Council (TEDC), and The Consortium of 16 Education Deans of Thailand. It was also collaborated by international educational organization like UNESCO in the capacity of a Co-host.
From field works and researches of Teacher TV's crew, EDUCA found out that there were a great number of teachers who could play a role model on how to engage students in active learning lessons and improve their gradings. Thus, we invited them to take part and share their practical knowledge and technique in the Event's workshops so that they could be a new wave of teachers as stated in education reformation plan which aimed at students, teachers, administrators, and schools at its core.
The Event featured:
The 2nd International Conference on Learning and Teaching featuring a number of renowned international speakers from Korea, Finland, England, and Singapore
o “Education of the 21st Century – What Works in Education: UNESCO Studies and Views” by Dr. Kim Gwang-jo, Director, UNESCO Bangkok, Thailand     
o “Korea’s Strategies in Education Management” by Dr. Lee Hyun-Chong, President, Sangmyung University, Korea
o “Construction of Teacher Knowledge in Teacher Education in Finland” by Prof. Dr. Jari Lavonen, Director, Department of Teacher Education,
o “Innovative Approach in Teacher Continuous Professional Development: Teachers.TV” by Mr. Andrew Bethell, CEO, Teachers.TV, U.K.


Forum and Discussion
“Principals and the Challenge towards Schools of the 21st Century” was a meeting for school administrators (principals/school directors) on a role of schools in 21st century to build capable leaders, teachers, and learners for the future. The activities were presentation and discussion on the topics by distinguished professionals from Thailand, Singapore, and Finland.
o “The Future of Teacher Education: New Thinking, New Approaches” was a panel discussion on the new way of teacher preparation. The panel consisted of higher education policy makers and top-tier academics in Thailand, representatives from UNESCO, and professionals on teacher preparation from Finland.


• Variety of workshops which presented good practice from around the country


Educational goods and innovations exhibition