EDUCA 2013 – The 6th Annual Congress for Teacher Professional Development was organised under the theme of “Strong Performers and Successful Reformers.” The theme was originated from the OECD report published in 2011 named “Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in Education: Lessons from PISA for the United States”.
The report explicitly stated that educational problem is a universal issue that every country faced in common. Any country could also learn from one another; whether they are “strong performers” which had been successful in educational development or a “successful reformer” which could rapidly overcome obstacles and raise their education quality to another level.


The Event featured:
International Conference
- “Finnish Lessons: What can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?” by Pasi Sahlberg, Ph.D., Center for International Mobility and Cooperation, Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
- “Turning Teacher Education Upside Down” by Prof. Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Ph.D., the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Professor of Jewish Education, Brandeis University, USA
- “Teacher Education around the World: Lessons for Thailand from International Practices?” by Prof. Linda Darling Hammond, Ph.D., Charles E. Ducommun Professor, Stanford University, USA


Almost 200 Workshop Sessions which met Thai teachers’ needs to develop professional skills such as 21st century skills, ICT for teaching and learning management, ASEAN, and evaluation and hey were all available for teachers' selection and interest.


The 3rd Principal Forum on “Understanding Lesson Study”
Educational and technological goods and innovation exhibition - the exhibition also included Model Classrooms such as J-Sharp Future Classroom, Versatile Intelligence Development Classroom, Scientific and Technological Skills Development Classroom, Smart Classroom, and English Skills Improvement Classroom – to prepare for AEC society.